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Documentaries/ Special:
Dutch Documentary pt1
Dutch Documentary pt2
Dutch Documentary pt3
Dutch Documentary pt4
All The Labor (Trailer)
Music Videos on The Gourds Official Channel
The Gourds: "digi gonna take my polaroid away"

Rare Songs/ Early Years:

Studio Performances:
Studio Year Title / URL
MusicFOG 2011 I Want It So Bad 2011
MusicFOG 2011 Peppermint City 2011
KUT 2012 Drop What I'm Doing: SXSW 2012
KSUT 2009 Country Love
Texas Music Scene 2011 Hey Thurman
Texas Music Scene 2011 Burn The Honeysuckle
KLBJ-FM 2009 Country Love
WFUV 2011 Haunted
WFUV 2011 I Want It So Bad
Waterloo 2011 I Want It So Bad
KINK.FM 2011 Two Sparrows
KINK.FM 2011 Drop What I'm Doing
KINK.FM 2011 Haunted
KINK.FM 2011 I Want It So Bad
KINK.FM 2011 Your Benefit

Video and Playlist Collections
Year State Title / URL
2012 VA Gourds_VA_050912
2012 LA The_Gourds_032412
2011 TX Gourds_ACL_Live_123111
2011 TX Gourds_Houston_122911
2011 IL gourds_chicago_111920
2011 IN gourds_indiana_112011
2011 MD Gourds_club_66_100511
2011 NC Gourds_cats_cradle_100711
2011 SC Gourds_albino_skunk_100811
2011 ZZ The Gourds (various shows)
2001 TX various shows 2001-2002
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