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.. We Are Cucurbs is a Wiki page dedicated to the Austin, Texas, band The Gourds, created to keep you in touch with what the band is doing between visits to your town. Much like The Gourds News (5/28/09 to 5/27/12), We Are Cucurbs aims to track the band primarily by documenting and sharing their set lists. Beginning on 5/28/12, if you go to a Gourds show and want to contribute, please Read How To Add A Set List and then go here to Add A Set List!

In General, Wiki pages are a great space for collecting information on a particular topic and allowing everyone to participate. So in addition to set lists, you’ll find other collections of Gourds-related info here, including fan forums, song lyrics/chords, and much more in the near future. If you need some help getting started, or want to offer some feedback, feel free to email me, your humble host: Cassie at ccmullnix at gmail dot com.

You do not need to create a Wikia account to contribute!

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