Below are some helpful tips for adding content to the wiki.

  • To add a page: Click on the "Contribute" menu or the "Add a Page" button in the upper right hand corner.
  • To edit a page: Click on the "Edit" menu located on the page you want to edit. This is how you add content to a page. Don't be worried about making mistakes, edits can be undone by going to the page History. However you should use the "Preview" button to check your edits before you save them.

  • How To Add A Set List
  1. Create a new page by clicking on "Add a Page" or "Contribute" menu
  2. name the page in this format 2012_01_01_Austin_TX (year_month_day_city_state)
  3. select the Standard Page option and click "Add Page"
  4. You will see some sample pictures and two objects that look like puzzle pieces
  5. Mouse over the images and click modify to replace them
  6. Mouse over the green puzzle pieces (called Templates) and click edit to add information about the show
    • The first puzzle piece is where you enter information about the show such as venue and location. click here for more information on show details that you can include.
    • The second puzzle piece is where you enter the setlist song titles. click here for more information on the available setlist fields.
  7. Once you've filled out everything on the set list, click "Preview" to check your page and then "Publish" to save your page.
  8. Go back to the main Set Lists 20XX page (for example Set Lists 2012) and click edit
  9. On the main set list page (for example Set Lists 2012) set list dates are listed in decending order with the most recent date listed at the top. Type the title of your set list in the format 2012_01_01_Austin_TX (year_month_day_city_state) in the appropriate place in the list.
  10. Select the text and click on the "Add Link" button in text formatting menu.
  11. The set list page name should be filled in automatically, but in case it isn't you need to type in the name of the new set list page you created. It should be named something like 2012_01_01_Austin_TX (year_month_day_city_state).
  12. Click publish
  13. Lastly, once you fill out the template pieces feel free to add your own content like links to YouTube videos and pictures on Flickr!!

  • That's about it! Feel free to create a page on anything and link it anywhere!! All pages except for the homepage are open for anyone to edit and add content.
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